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WHMCS V8.9.0 Compatibility - Modules List
WHMCS 8.9.0 has just been released! Our WHMCS Development Team is now working hard on our modules to confirm their full compatibility with the latest WHMCS version. This thread will be updated daily. Here we will list the modules that have successfully passed our quality and testing procedures.
You will see a list of modules that are compatible with WHMCS 8.9.0, and you can go to my site, and you will see the module's product page that says: V8.9.0.

Here is the list of modules that work with WHMCS 8.9.0:

01) Agree Terms
02) Cancel Invoice
03) Uptime Robot Status
04) Domain Auction
05) MailerLite
06) Pin 2FA
07) MantisBt
08) FastTrack Ticket
09) Auto Detect Language
10) Cancellation Ticket
11) Email 2FA
12) Ultimate Captcha Pro
13) Login Verify Pin
14) Uptime Status
15) Credit Manager
16) Sendy Newsletter

If somehow you find any bugs or problems, please open a ticket, so we can investigate. I have tested the compatibility of each one of these modules with WHMCS 8.9.0 and PHP 8.1 on my Dev Machine.

Update: 02/21/2024

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