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Merging WS Profile Photos with WS Client Manager Module
We have merged WS Profile Photos with WS Client Manager. We are taking this action because these two modules do almost the same functions. WS Client Manager has Profile Photos no reason we should have both if do the same. That way, we have just one module.

Make a Full Backup
We cannot stress enough how important it is to always take a full backup before attempting any kind of upgrade/install. Both for WHMCS as well as for any other software you use. A full backup should be taken of both the WHMCS files as well as the database.

Before you deactivate the module, please wait for the second email you get.

Then you first, deactivate the Profile Photos module and remove/delete WS Profile Photos.

Second, login to your client area and download the WS Client Manager; install it and add the key.

This applies only to people who have both WS Client Manager & WS Profile Photos:

We can change it to any WS Module that is comparable in the price range no greater than $31.99.
Please go to my site at to see all the modules you can choose from. Once you have the one you like (costing no more than $31.99), please email me at with the module you like. If you have the source codes, then no exchange of this module -- sorry.  You need to respond within 72 hours before the license system is turned off.

Also, for those who have the module already, I give you a 2-year Support/Update FREE! After that 2-year period, it sends an invoice to you for renewal. It will be $19.99 for the year. After payment, you will continue to receive support and updates on our module releases. If you do not want to continue, you can email us to cancel the invoice - Optional Renewal.

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