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Clients Reviews
Client Name: Emerson Nogueira (EWD)
Date: Mar 04, 2016
Testimonial: Had a great experience with WS's development work. Daniel is very nice to work with. Exceeded our expectations.

Client Name: Mark Anthony Codes (HypernetVPN)
Date: Mar 09, 2016
Testimonial: I ordered a custom whmcs module, gave my specifications and requirements and they got it one click! next day they gave me the sample script and it works! Highly recommended and trusted. Gives you peace of mind and great support. WHMCSServices is the best!

Client Name: Zeljko Paunovic (Hosting022)
Date: Mar 09, 2016
Testimonial: Cheap and good Modules

Client Name: Stephanie Jenel
Date: Mar 24, 2016
Testimonial: For the record, I love everything about WHMCS Services, and the support is unbelievable. Smile Great company. Thanks again,

Client Name: Mike Hur
Date: Apr 22, 2016
Testimonial: Thanks very much for your very quick response to our request of Custom work our WHMCS installation! I appreciate it.

Client Name: Gerry Malolot (EndProxy)
Date: May 13, 2016
Testimonial: WHMCSServices is the masters of WHMCS custom template. I love the way he work. He helped me 24/7 with my website. Thank you again!

Client Name: Amir Golestani (Virtual Machine Solutions LLC)
Date: Jun 05, 2016
Testimonial: Great Modules

Client Name: Pier Paolo Gallea (McOnline)
Date: Aug 02, 2016
Testimonial: thanks to the service given by excellent value for money and super service !! good job Smile

Client Name: Yvonne Medina
Date: Aug 13, 2016
Testimonial: Great module and Great support thank you

Client Name: Nibal Ayoubi (WiCKED SERVERS)
Date: Sep 01, 2016
Testimonial: Excellent module and fantastic support. Love this module. This module has helped us a lot with our business. They have great support and awesome products that are continuing to be developed daily. Thank you WHMCS Services!

Client Name: Joshua Bowen (Expert Integrations)
Date: Aug 30, 2016
Testimonial: This is a great add-on & allows customer to leave there feedback/reviews! Great buy!

Client Name: Dean Richards (Computer & Web Solutions)
Date: Aug 30, 2016
Testimonial: Very Reliable third party Monitoring Solution for WHMCS. Have been using it for weeks and have multiple check servers setup. Email and SMS alert function perform perfectly. Thanks for a wonderful module.

Client Name: Badrul Alam (RootLayer Limited)
Date: Dec 04, 2016
Testimonial: So far, It has been very good. Purchased 9 Ready made modules and one Big custom ordered module. For our site, we are using 90%+ modules from as the modules are too interesting and cheap. Their Pricing for custom work is also way cheaper than others. They take security matters seriously which is another reason we are using them. We will wait for more interesting Modules.

Client Name: Alfred Pogner (MyHosting21 Limited)
Date: Jan 08, 2017
Testimonial: A really very good support and great modules for WHMCS. Also, the prices can be seen. Only to recommend !!!!! FIRST CLASS SERVICE :-)

Client Name: Jonathan Valdays (Universal Pc Services)
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: We have been a client for several years and are very satisfied. They have never failed to help when we asked, which is a rare event. These are our go to guys for all things WHMCS. Highly recommended!!! Keep up the good work.

Client Name: David Brennan
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: WHMCS Services does everything we need to fulfill our services great selection of modules and good support from staff.

Client Name: Blake Bessett (SectorByte Solutions)
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: These guys are so helpful and they have good modules at good prices!

Client Name: Ashley Williams (TinyHosting Limited)
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: Great service and a great level of modules to help run WHMCS better. WHMCS could learn from these guys.

Client Name: Simon Bryant (Host Genie)
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: Really good modules. Support is perfect and could not be any better.

Client Name: Samantha Engbrecht (SEO Services Expert)
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: Great Service and awesome tool!

Client Name: Michael McCoy
Date: Jan 16, 2017
Testimonial: Excellent support and great prices! Would highly recommend WHMCS Services to others.

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